eSports Arenaware

Software Features


  • Create & host tournaments from amateur to pro level
  • Ability for arenas and venues to host tournaments on an all-in-one solution
  • Track statistics across multiple tournaments as well as multiple game platforms


  • Manage all components of brick and mortar eSports arenas and venues
  • Manage members, track stats and data for all members
  • Host events of any size with our scalable tournament hosting solution


  • Get the eSports news including exclusive content
  • Connect social media and streaming accounts to build out your profile
  • Direct integration with Twitch and YouTube gaming

eSports Member Manager

  • Create your own public or private amateur tournaments
  • Customize your user profile by linking your social and gamer profile accounts
  • Compile player profiles with player stats from tournament gameplay
  • Add notifications for upcoming gaming news and tournaments

End-to-End Event Manager

  • Create, Manage, and Host Tournaments
  • Brick and Mortar Tournament Hosting Software
  • Organization and advertising for featured events
  • Ability to contact tournament participants through integration with member manager

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