Fantasy Football

2017 Pro Football Season

Sports Gamet Features

Draft Fast and Easy

Always get 5 chances to get the players you want each week and play them against your friends. Sports Gamet allows you to modify and change your roster fast and easy.

Draft Multiple Teams & Matchups

Have different teams against each of your friends within a given Challenge. More matchups per week and more chances to modify against specific opponents.

Patented Stack Roster

Designed for quick and easy player management. Ability to adjust our patented Stack Roster on a weekly and per opponent basis.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges. Flexible tournaments called Challenges allow for weekly games with up to 12 players. No Leagues. No Drafts. No Fees. No Hassle.

Legal and Free

A truly free and legal weekly fantasy app. No money required to play, and no legal restrictions in any state.



New eSports Fantasy App Utilizing The Stack Roster™

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