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What is Sports Gamet?

Sports Gamet is a NEW weekly fantasy sports platform that allows you to create and join one week or multi-week Challenges, which can be set to either public or private. You can challenge an opponent head-to-head or invite up to 11 people to participate. There is a limit per user of up to 20 challenges per week.

Our patented Stack Roster™ technology allows you to either use the same roster across all your challenges for the week or customize your roster against individuals – use strategy to help maximize your line-up that week.

Is Sports Gamet Legal?

Absolutely!  Sports Gamet is a fantasy sports platform and fantasy sports are specifically exempt from laws which govern sports betting and gambling.  This law makes provisions for games of skill, of which Sports Gamet is considered.

Why should I choose to play Sports Gamet?

Aside from it being an absolute blast, Sports Gamet offers three things that no other Fantasy Sports Platform does.  First and foremost, our unique Stack Roster™ system guarantees that you aren’t stuck with the same players week to week, but it offers a level of strategy never before seen in Fantasy Sports.  (See more in our ‘What is a Stack Roster™?’ section below).  Second, you can enter numerous challenges week to week, with contests ranging from head-to-head style matchups for ‘bragging rights’ or face up to 12 users in a given challenge.   Finally, it is so easy to get started anyone can play.  Unlike other fantasy platforms which require a lengthy draft and weekly research to keep up with your team, you can make your picks and jump right into challenges within minutes!

What types of Challenges do you offer?

See more in our ‘How do Challenges work?’ section below, but our Challenges are based on at least two people playing in a head-to-head Fantasy Sports contest.  Challenges can have up to 12 participants, and since literally anyone can start one, you could join multiple challenges every day!

Can play Sports Gamet on my phone or tablet?

Yes you can. We built Sports Gamet to operate on both IOS and Android Devices.

What makes Sports Gamet different?

Sports Gamet is a revolution in the world of Fantasy Sports Gaming. Leveraging our proprietary gameplay technology, we’ve developed a truly innovative and never before seen way of playing fantasy sports that allow both the fantasy fanatic and the total beginner a chance to battle against each other. Because of our unique drafting system, you can play games such as Fantasy Football each week, and even daily depending on the sport, but in the same great way fantasy was intended to be played – using statistics as well as strategy to outsmart your opponent!

How do I create a Stack Roster™?

Step 1:

First a User chooses a position they desire to draft players for. This will then reveal the Draft Pool of players that are available to be added to the User’s Position Stack.


The User’s Position Stack will remain empty until the selections are made starting with the User’s 1st pick, then 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and finally 5th.

Step 2:

Users select from the Player Pool in the User’s order of preference to populate their Position Stack.

Step 3:

Users then select players one at a time to create their Stack for each position. Users are able to select any of the position players listed and arrange them in the order in which they want to have them played, with 1st pick being their most desired choice and 5th pick being their least desired.

Step 4:

Once the User has made all 5 selections and chooses to save the Stack, the User’s Stack for position 1 is complete and the User may then move on to making selections for position 2, then 3, and so on until all positions have been fully stacked.


The User continues to select from the Player Pools for each position until all 6 positions have been filled with 5 selections.

Step 5:

Upon making the 5th pick for position 6 and clicking Save, the User has successfully created a complete Stack Roster™. The User is now prepared to engage other Users and advance towards Stack Roster™ Match Up and Challenges with/against other Users.

Note: The Users 1st picks in each position represent the User’s desired “starting lineup” for competition against other Users. Ultimately, the actual player’s that represent a given User in competition is determined by the Stack Roster™ Match Up process, which is initiated when one User invites anywhere from 1-11 Users to engage in competitive fantasy gameplay or Challenges.

How do Challenges work?

Once a User has successfully created a Stack Roster™ he/she invites/challenges another User or multiple Users to engage in a Stack Roster™ Match Up. Once an invitation has been sent and accepted by another User, the two Users will proceed to the Stack Roster™ Match Up to determine the Players that will represent each User in fantasy competition or the Challenge.

A Stack Roster™ built by a User merely represents a desired lineup. Ultimately, the Players that will accrue points on behalf of the User or the Users actual lineup that will compete in fantasy play will be determined by the process referred to as the Stack Roster™ Match Up. Each User’s stack of position specific players is matched up with another User’s stack of the same position. In the event that both Users have selected the same Player as their 1st pick, they will cancel one another out, resulting in neither User being able to utilize that particular Player against each other in their matchup. This will result in a comparison between each User’s 2nd pick to fill that position. This process will continue moving down the stack of Players until each User has a selection that is different from that of the other User. The first 2 Players that do not match up on a given tier will represent their respective Users in that position for actual fantasy sports game play or competition.

This Stack Roster™ Match Up process would continue in the same manner with/against all Challenge participants, through all of the positions until each of the Users have a full and complete Stack Roster™.

Once Stack Rosters™ are matched up and the User’s line-ups are determined they become locked in place. The actual athletes represented within the Stack Rosters™ will then compete in actual sporting events with relative degrees of proficiency, the degree of which is attributed with standardized point systems. The athletes accrue points based on their respective levels of performance, and these points directly correspond to/with the Players comprising individual User’s Stack Rosters™. Those points are accrued by the Users by de facto, and are the scale by which relative performance is determined within fantasy gameplay. Put simply- the better the Players you have on your Stack Roster™ perform in reality, the better your fantasy performance will be.

Can I withdraw from a Challenge before it is completed?

No, once you join a Challenge, you must remain in the Challenge until all games are completed for that week.  Make sure to only join Challenges you wish to participate in and remember, you can only join/create up to 20 Challenges per week.

Can I alter my lineup once a Challenge is live?

No, once the draft is locked, there can be no further adjustments made to challenges that week. So do your research and choose wisely!

Is there a limit to how many Challenges I can create or join?

Yes. As of now, users are able to create and/or join up to 20 challenges per week.

What happens if a game that someone on my Stack Roster™ is in is postponed or cancelled?

In the case of postponements that will take place during the duration of the challenge period, scoring will take place as usual.  If a game is postponed until after the Challenge period ends, that player will not receive points for that game.

What happens if I tie someone in a Challenge?

In the rare event that two users tie in a Challenge, both players will receive the same amount of the Sports Gamet Points they would have earned had they not tied.

Are the Challenges free to play?

Yes. Sports Gamet is attempting to bring the fun back to fantasy sports, so as of now, all Challenges are FREE to play!

Where can I see a list of all the Challenges I’m in?

In order to see which Challenges you are currently in, once you are in the Sports Gamet app, click the menu button, then select current Challenges. From there, on the bottom tabs you will see one titled This Week which is where you will find all of the Challenges you are currently in.

What happens if one of my players gets injured or doesn’t play?

You will not receive any points for a player that is in your starting line-up, but does not end up playing.  However, if one of your players does get injured and leaves the game, any of the points they received before leaving will be recorded.

What is the process for scoring revisions?

All of our stats are crunched by [FantasyData.com] and as such we are able to provide reasonably accurate real-time scoring.  That being said, there are situations in which once the final game scores have been tabulated that there may be scoring changes. For each circumstance, there is a deadline for these changes and will be made available on a per-sport basis.

What happens if I don’t fill the total number of users allowed in my Challenge?

No problem!  In every Challenge, we tell you right in the header how many people are in the Challenge and what amount of Sports Gamet points will be awarded based on how many people are  number of people playing.  So, if you set up a four person Challenge and only three join, the Challenge will run as normal but there will be less Sports Gamet points in the pot.

How are Challenges Scored?

If you’ve played Fantasy Sports before, you know the drill. If not, here is the brief version: We take the statistics that players in real-life sports accumulate as provided by [FantasyData.com] and tabulate them to create fantasy points. A full table is below for football, but the basic gist is that if a player earns stats, he receives fantasy points. Each Challenge is made up of individual matchups, you score fantasy points in the matchups against each individual user. You play every user in every challenge you join. Challenge winners are determined by adding all of your matchup point totals together. Whoever has the most points wins! It’s pretty simple.

Passing Yards 1 point per 25 yards
Passing Touchdown 4 points
Interception -2 points
Rushing Yards 1 point per 10 yards
Rushing Touchdown 6 points
Receiving Yards 1 point per 10 yards
Receiving Touchdown 6 points
2-point Conversion 2 points
Fumble Lost -2 points
Fumble Recovered for Touchdown 6 points


Defense/Special Teams
Sacks 1 point
Interceptions 2 points
Fumbles Recovered 2 points
Safeties 2 points
Defensive Touchdowns 6 points
Kick and Punt Return Touchdowns 6 points
2-Point Conversion Returns 2 points
Points Allowed (0) 10 points
Points Allowed (1-6) 7 points
Points Allowed (7-13) 4 points
Points Allowed (14-20) 1 point
Points Allowed (21-27) 0 points
Points Allowed (28-34) -1 point
Points Allowed (35+) -4 points


PAT Made 1 point
FG Made (0-49 yards) 3 points
FG Made (50+ yards) 5 points