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Create your stack roster™

Select your top 5 players for each position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF) in the order in which you want them matched up against other people’s rosters that week.

Select Position

The Stack Roster™ allows you to select a lineup of 5 players for each of the 5 positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF). This order will then get matched up against your opponents and the first position to not match will be selected for each position.

Add Players

Tap to add players in the selected position, a list of eligible players will populate with their fantasy stats and rank.

Set Your Stack Roster™

This will be the default Stack Roster™ used when entering a challenge, but with Sports Gamet we allow you to modify your roster against each opponent to give you the upper hand in every matchup. Please see the ‘Modify Your Stack Roster™’ section below for more info.


Create & Join Challenges

The playbook is in your hands as you create and customize each challenge.

  • Create a one-week or multi-week challenge
  • Go head-to-head or invite up to 12 players to play
  • Set your challenge to private or public


Set the parameters of the challenge, give it a title, and decide if you would like it to be Private or Public. Then set the number of weeks and number of users.


Invite your friends, family and co-workers to join your challenge under the “Invite Tab” in “Create Challenge”


Start your challenge and play head-to-head or go against up to 12 players. Challenges and stack rosters lockout when Thursday Night Football kicks off!


Modify your Stack Roster™

Use the same line-up that you chose when creating your Stack Roster™ in step one to go up against all opponents that week, or take it up a notch and modify your roster against other players.

Use your knowledge of your opponent’s strategy to maximize your line-up for the week. Our unique system allows you to outsmart your friends and try to eliminate their top picks for the week.

Modify Your Roster

Adjust your Stack Roster™ against each opponent right up until game time. Stack Roster™ offers flexibility so you can have the upper hand in every matchup.

View Current Roster

View your current roster with player profiles including statistics, game times and opponents for the week.

Get Roster Updates

Get timely roster updates for all of your players under the summary tab in a player profile. Roster Updates make it easier to track all of the news surrounding your team.


Join Challenges

Don’t want to create your own challenge? You can easily join your friends, or a public challenge to test your skills.

View Current Challenge

Select from a list of challenges created by either friends or other Sports Gamet Members.

Join A Challenge

Select a challenge, see the current opponents as well as their Total Win/Loss/Draw record as well as Total Points.

Modify Roster

Edit your Stack Roster™ to better match up with your new opponent(s).


Real Time Updates, How Regular Gameplay Works

Get real time updates on stats all weekend long as you watch your favorite players and see how you stack up. All LIVE on your Sports Gamet app.

  • Overall Weekly Status
  • Individual Challenge Results
  • Individual Matchup Points